Sunday, January 5, 2014

Water and Us

I have started using an 18" x 24" Arches block.  I still use the 14" x 20" too.  I acquired my 18x24 block paper after it had been separated into six sheet layers.  I have glued a layer of six sheets to a sealed, varnished 3/4" plywood board.  This is quite stable.  Here is the latest 18x24:

Buoy Knot IV
Buoy Knot IV
To me, the appeal of water is universal, timeless, and infinite.  We are ourselves water.  The "Buoy Knot IV" composition is the result of a process of reaching into nature and abstracting elements of shape, gesture, color, value, and light.  I am working with a limited palette.  Essentially, I start with a drawing and add light washes first.  Over a period of time, I am adding washes of pure color of increasing strength.  I observe the progress under natural and artificial light at varying levels.  Eventually, the work reaches a state at which I am not able to do any more on it.

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